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Complex problems call for a trusted counselor and advocate who knows you, knows your needs, knows the law and knows how to apply the law to obtain the best result for you.

Henry L. Glasser is an exceptionally experienced, versatile lawyer who knows how to quickly get to the heart of the matter and come up with practical solutions.

With more than 40 years experience representing individuals, businesses and estates, Henry L.Glasser has an enormous depth and breadth of knowledge to draw on. His approach is to focus on the issues you are facing, explain your options in a clear and concise manner and assist you in coming to a decision on how to proceed.

Clients turn to Henry L. Glasser with their most complex problems, trusting him to come up with innovative, creative solutions that are at the same time practical and reasonable to implement. Clients stay, some for decades, because they value the benefits of a long term relationship with a versatile, practical lawyer who knows them well and can protect their interests.

Having represented clients in all areas of estate and tax planning, wills and probate, asset protection, trust and estate administration, taxation collection and disputes including tax litigation, business commercial and real estate matters, Henry L.Glasser will get the job done for you.

Practice Areas:

  • Wills
  • Estate planning
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Estate taxation
  • Asset protection
  • Probate
  • Federal and State taxation
  • Tax litigation
  • Financial planning
  • Commercial transactions
  • Real estate
  • Wills dispute and litigation

Versatile, Innovative, Professional. Call San Francisco probate attorney Henry L. Glasser at 1-415-434-2050 for a consultation.